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from DISCussions No.1

"Those loops were improvised on my computer keyboard and I really like what I had done. It kind of reminded me of work I had done quite some time ago with my analog synthesizer, an ARP 2600."

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The Jesus and Mary Chain - Damage and Joy

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Damage and Joy

By discover sounds, 2017-04-20

Damage and Joy find The Jesus and Mary Chain back in the studio for the first time since 1998. Youth takes the production reins and works his characteristic magic with the Reid brother's signature sound, doling out the brushstroke feedback within washes of acoustic and electric guitars and programmed drums. It's a damaged sound that takes the band to a new level that finds them in a place longtime fans (like me) won't mind going just to see what's next.


Aimee Mann - Mental Illness

By discover sounds, 2017-04-20

Aimee Mann's new album, Mental Illness, steps back a little from her last album's more firm nod toward her pop roots, sitting down and leaning in for an introspective look regarding what we encounter without; without this and that. Mann tells things she seems almost sure of and a little frightened being so sure about. All the while her melodies sway with a pulse beating a pattern we hope will find comfort and solace once shared, once spoken. Fragile as it might be.

Get the album now on amazon or visit her website where you'll find apparel and other things of goodness and grace.


Aimee Mann - Mental Illness
The London Sound Survey

The London Sound Survey

By discover sounds, 2017-04-09

The London Sound Survey is a huge, sprawling website with "...a growing collection of Creative Commons-licensed sound recordings of people, places and events in the capital. Historical references too are gathered to find out how London's sounds have changed." that description doesn't do any justice at all to the scope of this thing. For sound lovers it's truly breathtaking.


Donald Rubinstien

By discover sounds, 2017-01-18

Donald Rubinstein

When She Kisses the Ship On His Arm

CD -- $15 www.donaldrubinstein.com

Tell me about Bare Bones studio.

Bare Bones is the name of my home recording studio and record label. The name is meant to reflect my general approach, engendered by both budgetary restraints and attitude. I like to use what I have at hand to make the best possible work I can.  The budgetary restraints can work in ones favor as one is forced to find solutions which are naturally innovative.

Donald Rubinstien
FAWM - February Album Writing Month

FAWM - February Album Writing Month

By discover sounds, 2017-01-18

Something in my head always goes off around this time of year. It tells me February is coming. For many people that probably means different things. Valentines Day, spring is getting closer, etc. For some of us recording junkies it means that FAWM is coming.

That's February Album Writing Month and the website at FAWM.org re-launches every year to house all the artists trying to writing and recording a full album during the shortest month of year.

The site has discussion boards and lots of discussion and even collaboration. All styles and persuasions. Just go and create. I'll be doing something. Let me know if you are too.


17f - tree of them

By discover sounds, 2017-01-11


CD -- 15€ for CD digipak, or free download

Talk about bringing so many people together to work on your vision for this project.

The first point is that all the musicians on the record are great musicians. Everyone gave me an emotion prior to my record: Kudsi Erguner on the record “Passion” by Peter Gabriel, I’ve seen several incredible shows by the swiss bands Opak and Hemlock Smith, played some dates as a guitar player with the great band Girls in the Kitchen and seen several contemporary music shows featuring Laurent Estoppey. Furthermore they are friends of mine. So I asked some of the members of the bands above to participate and i’m lucky they all said Yes! The idea was to share something human with people I like. Another idea was to bring external point of view to the story I wanted to tell. For most of the songs there was no indication on what to play, and every time I was surprised with what they gave to me. 

17f - tree of them
DISCussions No1

DISCussions No1

By discover sounds, 2017-01-10

DISCussions No1 began in 2010. GAJOOB's Bryan Baker reached out to artists who had been featured in one way or another in the zine throughout it's 20+ years of publishing, up to many new voices we were hearing presently. Many artists doing work in the early days are still actively exploring sound recording today, so as the DISCussions evolved it became a mutating project, sprouting in different directions.

The initial idea was to create a mp3 CD of music with a booklet of thoughts from the artists contributing to the project. But it became more apparent to Bryan that the project needed something more; the book was too limiting or too defining for such a project. The project needed its own kind of medium, or no medium at all. It needed to be a continuing discussion which no book could possible contain.

Eventually DiscoverSounds.com was reborn in 2017 as an imperfect vehicle to frame an evolving discussion about creative sound recording. There are 112 recordings in DISCussions No1. You may start here and move through page after page, listening to individual tracks and reading a few thoughts from the artists who made them. You will probably find yourself wandering elsewhere at some point; and that's fine too.

You are encouraged to set up a free Discover Sounds account and continue these discussions with your own thoughts. 

We are accepting recordings for DISCussions No2. GO HERE to contribute.

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Discover Sounds DISCussions

By discover sounds, 2017-01-09

DISCussions is an ongoing collection of music with discussions about the creative process behind them. If you are creating your own kind of thing, let us know about it. We include all kinds of work in each volume and we want to hear you! SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE.

DISCussions are found throughout the Discover Sounds website. In fact they are always evolving as readers comment and carry on discussions of their own via comments on individual recordings or in topics raised in the forums.

Listen to a full stream of the 100+ recordings in Volume 1 HERE.

Or Browse Volume 1 track by track beginning HERE.

Volume 2 is currently being compiled, so please participate. Submit your work today.

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