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Passenger - The Boy Who Cried Wolf [2017]

By discover sounds, 2017-10-20
Passenger - The Boy Who Cried Wolf [2017]

Michael David Rosenberg's song "Let Her Go" was 2014's British single of the year and earned him the Ivor Novello Award for Most Performed Work. He releases recordings under the name Passenger which has been a solo project for six plus years now. The Boy Cried Wolf continues Rosenberg's soft acoustic folk style with more very excellent songwriting and heartfelt performances.


Donald Rubinstien

By discover sounds, 2017-01-18
Donald Rubinstien

Donald Rubinstein

When She Kisses the Ship On His Arm

CD -- $15

Tell me about Bare Bones studio.

Bare Bones is the name of my home recording studio and record label. The name is meant to reflect my general approach, engendered by both budgetary restraints and attitude. I like to use what I have at hand to make the best possible work I can.  The budgetary restraints can work in ones favor as one is forced to find solutions which are naturally innovative.

17f - tree of them

By discover sounds, 2017-01-11
17f - tree of them

CD -- 15€ for CD digipak, or free download

Talk about bringing so many people together to work on your vision for this project.

The first point is that all the musicians on the record are great musicians. Everyone gave me an emotion prior to my record: Kudsi Erguner on the record “Passion” by Peter Gabriel, I’ve seen several incredible shows by the swiss bands Opak and Hemlock Smith, played some dates as a guitar player with the great band Girls in the Kitchen and seen several contemporary music shows featuring Laurent Estoppey. Furthermore they are friends of mine. So I asked some of the members of the bands above to participate and i’m lucky they all said Yes! The idea was to share something human with people I like. Another idea was to bring external point of view to the story I wanted to tell. For most of the songs there was no indication on what to play, and every time I was surprised with what they gave to me. 


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