Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Seven + Mary

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Rainbow Kitten Surprise - Seven + Mary

Rainbow Kitten Surprise is an Aalternative rock band formed in Boone, North Carolina in early 2013 by Sam Melo (vocals) and Darrick "Bozzy" Keller (guitar) Melo and Keller began writing and composing music together in their college dorm. Later Ethan Goodpaster (guitar), Jess Haney (drums), and Charlie Holt (bass) joined, influenced by Kings of Leon and Modest Mouse. 

Seven + Mary combines acoustic rock, hiphop and soul in songs that will be immediately likable by fans of the style.


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The sequence of those words strung together is quite hilarious, but it's intentional. It reveals the joyful and humorous spirit of the band. This indie-rock band from Boone, North Carolina, is a breath of fresh air to the genre with meaningful, deep lyrics, amazing bass lines, and catchy guitar riffs. Their unique sound will keep you listening as time moves on.
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