DISCussions No1

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DISCussions No1

18-Lord Litter Break Free

written / engineered / mixed / produced by Lord Litter

all voices / instruments by Lord Litter

recorded at Trash Tone Studio Berlin Germany, 2010

from the forthcomming album “No Harm done”

Since I host the concert series “Shared Night” (started 3 years ago)  at the b_flat in Berlin,  I cooperate with unbeliveably GREAT musicians from studied Jazz to self trained Avangardesque. This made me re-think my own music. Since then I recorded enough material for at least 3 CDs which I did NOT release.. ‘twas kinda training, I guess. With the here presented “Break Free” I finally ... slowly found what I was looking for.

I play / write / record / release music since the early 1980s. I still produce a radioshow (worldwide / am / fm / online / satellite) I started a very fruitful cooperation with performer / ARTist Andrea Splisgar, our 3rd short movie “Chapter 14” just won the Paris ArtAndFashionFilmFestival. And last but not least, forthcomming is the next stage of my guitar duo Litter and Leech ... I LIVE *alternative* / *small* culture and I’m HAPPY!

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discover sounds
01/11/17 08:51:09AM @home:
There really is some awesome music to found throughout this collection. I hope you are enjoying it.
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