DISCussions No1

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DISCussions No1

14-Sean Wright Strange Situation

My 1978 debut single (originally released on 45rpm vinyl on the now defunct Ellie Jay label, London). The song “Strange Situation” received airplay on the John Peel show on BBC Radio 1 in the late 70s and early 80s, and is a much sought after collectors’ item. A couple of years ago, the executive producer at the BBC, Jim Lahat, sold John Peel’s original vinyl record, which I’d sent to him back in 1978, for over $300 on ebay!

Written and recorded in 1978, at Spaceward Studios, Cambridge, England. Track credits: song written by Sean Wright. Artist name: Sean Wright. Vocals, electric guitar and bass guitar, Sean Wright. Drums and percussion, Dave Maile. Mixed by Mike Kemp. Produced by Sean Wright & Mike Kemp.

Max Bell of the NME raved about it in his DIY Artists section, writing “extremely creditable D.I.Y independent. Wright is an enigma worth popularising. His A-side offering ‘Strange Situation’ comes replete with straight ahead hard rock vocal punch and well-played instrumental expertise (uncredited). Over the edge is his ambition. The reverse ‘Silent Dreams’ is more enterprising, acoustic buildings tumble towards an electric style both inventive and hinting at a bright future. Information required from this unusual and potentially solid purveyor of crunchy biscuits.”

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There really is some awesome music to found throughout this collection. I hope you are enjoying it.

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