DISCussions No1

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DISCussions No1

8-Don Campau The Bird In The Parking Lot Bush

I recorded “The Bird In The Parking Lot Bush” sometime in 1984. The song came to me while I was eating my lunch in my car at my job in the produce department of a major grocery store. Although it’s fairly easy to see why I developed the song ( because of the bird I saw in the bush) I wanted the song to go a little deeper, to be a metaphor somehow for other things.

The recording itself was done on my TEAC 3440 open reel 4 track. In the chorus I used variable tape speed on my voice. It’s just acoustic guitars and vocals.

It was a very fertile time for me song-wise and they poured out of me almost every day then. A lot of my songs came to me at work then, either at lunch or while I was actually on the job.

Even though I had been recording my own music for many years, this song was from my tape, “New Monterey Road Sounds”, the first collection I put together to trade with other home tapers. One side of this tape ( a C90) was rock/pop songs and the other was a collection of instrumental and experimental pieces. My first trade partner, Tom Furgas commented that the tape was just too long ( because he liked to play tapes in their entirety when listening) and I made a note of that and generally kept most of my releases to C60 afterwards.

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