DISCussions No1

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DISCussions No1

DISCussions No1 began in 2010. GAJOOB's Bryan Baker reached out to artists who had been featured in one way or another in the zine throughout it's 20+ years of publishing, up to many new voices we were hearing presently. Many artists doing work in the early days are still actively exploring sound recording today, so as the DISCussions evolved it became a mutating project, sprouting in different directions.

The initial idea was to create a mp3 CD of music with a booklet of thoughts from the artists contributing to the project. But it became more apparent to Bryan that the project needed something more; the book was too limiting or too defining for such a project. The project needed its own kind of medium, or no medium at all. It needed to be a continuing discussion which no book could possible contain.

Eventually DiscoverSounds.com was reborn in 2017 as an imperfect vehicle to frame an evolving discussion about creative sound recording. There are 112 recordings in DISCussions No1. You may start here and move through page after page, listening to individual tracks and reading a few thoughts from the artists who made them. You will probably find yourself wandering elsewhere at some point; and that's fine too.

You are encouraged to set up a free Discover Sounds account and continue these discussions with your own thoughts. 

We are accepting recordings for DISCussions No2. GO HERE to contribute.

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discover sounds
01/11/17 08:51:09AM @home:
There really is some awesome music to found throughout this collection. I hope you are enjoying it.

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