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Discover Sounds DISCussions

DISCussions is an ongoing collection of music with discussions about the creative process behind them. If you are creating your own kind of thing, let us know about it. We include all kinds of work in each volume and we want to hear you! SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE.

DISCussions are found throughout the Discover Sounds website. In fact they are always evolving as readers comment and carry on discussions of their own via comments on individual recordings or in topics raised in the forums.

Listen to a full stream of the 100+ recordings in Volume 1 HERE.

Or Browse Volume 1 track by track beginning HERE.

Volume 2 is currently being compiled, so please participate. Submit your work today.

03/28/18 12:31:24AM @gabidete:
Discussion has been done on quarterly base for the individuals. The amalgamation of the things and review has been done for the flow of the products for the productivity in all mechanisms for the individuals.

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