DS1.6 Buzzsaw & the Shavings – For Amadeus, DaPonte Ponders a Libretto

This was recorded and pieced together on an ACID Music Studio 6.0, loops and orchestral samples arranged under an attempted persuasion, a vision of symphony and the gleam of brass and sawing bows on violin chords guiding. under a classical inspiration and a recent perusal of the biography of Herr Mozart. The process of mixing proceeded rapidly apace, a basic music bed lain first and a cover of overdubs laid over with that aforementioned facsimile of precision as the mix was assembled on the cusp, no plan but impulse guiding, orchestral samples chopped and spliced and spindled and at last split for an individual treatment, shards pitch-shifted and rejoined in a lengthier and more melodic unity. The vintage of Tempranillo guided and refreshed my steps and permitted me to complete the mix in but two days. I do discern the librettist DaPonte pondered longer over the prospect over writing the lyrical score for dear Amadeus and tale of the Seville Lothario.

Credits: Mental Anguish Loops Mix. Also includes loops by Omnitechnomatrix, Mike Cole and Cystem.

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