DS1.4 Charles Rice Goff III – Everybody’s God

A lot of the audio productions that I’ve released to the public over the last 30 years are based on my dreams.  In “Everybody’s God” I incorporate bits from the actual microcassette recording that I made upon awakening from a particularly provocative dream that I had in early 2006.  I narrate how I served as the attorney in a trial aimed at determining the truth about the Charles Manson family murders from the 1960’s, and how eventually Manson became everybody’s god. 

The piece incorporates me playing/arranging Mahalo Ukulele, Barbie Violin, modified Casio keyboard (circa early 1990’s), Midisoft midi composing tool, various vocal samples.  Originally released to the public by Taped Rugs Productions on the “Pink Wooden Bodies” CDR album in 2006. 

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