The True Believers / LIVE NOISE RITUALS (2016) by MoreBLackThenGod

Between his "MoreBlackThenGod" project and his long-running careers in his own name, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt has become a dazzling guiding star for the universe of experimental music in its more classy and inspiring way of shaping the sand of sound into charming castles of symphonic noise and meaningful scores of poetry. While noise is abundant with artists whose work could be described as both personal and horrific, Sean has consistently pushed the definitions of both terms to unsettling conclusions. His sonic milky way is rife with monologues, poems, meditations and disorienting fugues of frantic rhythms that seem to pull directly from the artist’s dreams. As far as this new enchanting album the title itself "True Believers - Live Noise Rituals" suggests, like a hypnagogic filter, the ritual carachter of each composition resulting in a noisy embrace that is as unusually uplifting as it is upsetting. The over-the-top imagery conjured through blistering glitches and spoken word is often vague and puzzling, yet disturbingly familiar to anyone who has ever had a really bad - or really good - nightmare.

© 2016
All the tracks are written, played and composed by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

Cover Art and graphic design by Emiliano Pietrini

The track #1 had been recorded live at the club "loophole" in Berlin in occasion of the "GLITCH" festival founded in Berlin by ReVerse Bullets founder Klaas von Karlos and has since expanded to include performances in New York City


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Tetraphobia by Synflict

By discover sounds, 2016-01-18
Tetraphobia by Synflict

"Tetraphobia" evolved from a cancelled album and presents an antidote to "Quinta
Colonna" in that it is tension ridden, dissonant and gloomy.In fact, it's the darkest and unsettling album ever released by Synflict, but at the same time, it is no melancholic black mess in candlelight, but consists of precision cuts determined by cold rationality. Life as a concrete desert of high rise buildings reaching out to a bleak metallic sky. Deep, windy gorges scarcely touched by sunlight and providing little shelter.

With "Tetraphobia", Synflict continues to define the darker realms of electroacoustic, acousmatic or whatever experimental, determined by calculations and algorithms, randomness and intent.
There are no plans for compromising, making the work accessible with a view on popularity and lukewarm handshakes, because the music's only point is to satisfy the author's quest for a certain sound. If others happen to like it that is fine, but has little influence of the direction the music is going to take in the future.


Release Date: January 18, 2016
Total running time: 1h / 7m / 17s
Product ID: NN_LP066_01_16
Format: MP3 [320 Kbps]
License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0


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Enchantment of Visions by Dave Fuglewicz

By discover sounds, 2016-01-18
Enchantment of Visions by Dave Fuglewicz

In 2005 I was invited to release an album through a new web-only label. I put together the cuts below and called it "Enchantment Of Visions". It was released in January of 2006. By that time I had made a total cut over to computer based compositions. The label didn't have any traffic and closed up shop about six months later. I used a variety of programs to create these compositions and it is noted for each composition.

01) M.....April, 2004: created using Buzz.
02) Talking With The Alien..March, 2005: loops by Chris Phinnney @
03) Brujo.....January, 2005: loops: Loop Pack 12 @ (Scott Carr,
Electroearwig, International Garbageman, Heuristics Inc, Danial Howse,
Omntechnomatrix, and Virus Factory).
04) No Turning Back.....March, 2004: Loops by Ed Drury @
05) Chaos 9-1.....February, 2004: loops: Loop Pack 9 @ (Electroearwig and Peeler).
06) Mood....May, 2004: created using Buzz.
07) Prograsm.....April, 2003: created using Qfractal:
08) Future Mutations.....February, 2004: Loops: Loop Pack 9 (Electroearwig) @
09) La Fase De Sus Alucinaciones.....May, 2005: Loops by Rafael Flores @
10) Contemplations.....October, 2005: Loops by Cystem @
11) Quantum Swamp.....December, 2005: Loops by Hal McGee @,
additional loopage: Dave Fuglewicz, using Buzz.
12) Ultraviolet Zero.....January, 2003: created using Buzz.

Music And Art Copyright January, 2006.
Loops Are Copyrighted By The Noted Musicians and Are Used With Their Permission and Consent.
CONTACT: davefugle at gmail dot com.


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Neptune by Dave Fuglewicz

By discover sounds, 2015-12-18
Neptune by Dave Fuglewicz

In early 2012 I was getting tired of working on many collaborations and on my Tapegerm compositions. I wanted to do something original again. So I used the planet Neptune as a overall setting and came up with different individual settings as indicated by the titles. In this fantasy Neptune world, it had breathable (by humans) air but retained many of those Neptunish qualities we all love so well. I used the following VST's in the production of Neptune: 1) Crystal 2) Meteorite 3) MonoFury and 4) Scroo. [ description]


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Argonautica by Wacky Southern Current

By discover sounds, 2015-12-18
Argonautica by Wacky Southern Current

Marco Cervellin, the force behind Wacky Southern Current, returns with his third album on No-Source. Argonautica continues the trend of high quality instrumental albums from Marco. To give Wacky Southern Current one genre is to sell the music short. A wide range of influences fill up each release from Marco. Argonautica is no exception. This is a more guitar-centric album with Kraut influences, particularly on the track "We Are Argonauts." "French Radio" is a short burst of experimental soundscape, while "Blues in A" is an excellent seven minute jazz workout. Wacky Southern Current heads is new directions with such musicianship that it's hard to believe they haven't been there all along. Argonautica is: Marco Cervellin - guitars, bass, keyboards. Gianni "Ian" Garbo - guitars. Giacomo Gatti - drums.


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Rowan Box - Mars

By discover sounds, 2015-12-14
Rowan Box - Mars

The first of the three new EPs that Rowan Box made for all of you.



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Category: Music
Duration: 00:02:20

Grove Of Whispers - The Wind From Nowhere

By discover sounds, 2015-05-17
Grove Of Whispers - The Wind From Nowhere

Performed live on stillstream.fmMother's Day evening May 10, 2015.

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Various Artists - Indonesian Netlabel Mixtape: Perempuan

Indonesian Netlabel Mixtape is a project where every netlabel are still actively making a mixtape or compilation contains 10 songs that the material is taken from the catalog release netlabel netlabel-local (either already active or passive) or webzine which also released a free album legally, this project was first initiated by Wok The Rock of Yes No Wave Music. Indonesian Netlabel Mixtape was released simultaneously on January 1, 2011 by each participating netlabel, namely Yes No Wave Music, Inmyroom Records, Stone Age Records, Mindblasting, and Rain! Rekords. Part or the majority of people who read the title of this article might be able to guess what the contents of Mixtape / Compilation versions Rain! Rekords. In accordance with the title, the 10 bands and musicians we compile it contains all of the women. The presence of women in the music is not a new thing. Not a few popular musicians of his day woman who became a legend and the blueprint for the next generation. It's just whether we realize it or not, the woman writhing musicians such as covered by the perpetrators of music that became the majority, that is male. World ever know the term "Riot Grrl" a movement led by women, this movement is known to be the successor of the third wave feminist movement, a movement that concentrates on issues such as gender equality, violence against women, sexual harassment, and others. Yes, there will never end if I continue to talk about the role of women in the music and it will only be an empty pepesan to debate further, because basically we realize it or not, the female figure is not only a mere sweetener but also has a share of formation characteristics and musicality band / project that they make, such as a quote from a musician Alanis Morissette woman from Canada, "I see my body as an instrument, rather than an ornament". -tahu88

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